pre-customized database with forms types, printing forms, etc. ready for immediate use

Asynchronous Reporting

eliminates waiting times and increases productivity by giving an end to idle times on your computer

Stateless Application Server

it can process quickly and effectively even the most extreme communications cases between server -client

PYLON Scheduler

to schedule processes without the need of your physical presence

Rich User Interface

working environment without "hidden" capabilities, without unnecessary movements, without redundant information


first screen with a structure such that the user can have an overview of all subjects to choose from and wishes to monitor, literally, one click away

Easy Menu

free selection by user among 3 different menu types (Ribbon, Nav-Tree, Bar Menu) and also the capability to create Custom Menus and Shortcuts

Roaming UI

every user logs in from any terminal/work station to his personalized user-interface


search for homophonic words regardless of language and spelling


extremely fast and easy custom-reports creation with no need of technical knowledge


independent operations' logic on different databases (Firebird, Microsoft SQL and Oracle) with easy transition


all your companies in one single database with, simultaneous, multicompany and single company data usage


PYLON applications management through smartphone or tablet

Extreme U.I.C. (User Interface Customization)

unlimited adoptation and customization with the special formation tool for personal screens and forms, simple addition of fields, and workflow adjustment to the business model


supports many different languages for your user-interface (menu, printing, etc.)

Choose the financing model that suits you most

either by maintenance contract, by renting or through Cloud Services